Website Redesign

Redesign the Joyful Mind Project website to better reflect the organization's values and goals.

User Experience
Visual Design


The existing website for the Joyful Mind Project had become outdated. The founder, Chelsea True, wanted a more updated and professional website that still retained the warmth and friendliness of her approach to working with children, families and schools.

Roles & Responsibilities

I created a project plan to keep us on track, mark milestones, discuss progress and prepare for the final launch. The project took 6 months to complete, working nights and weekends outside of my regular full-time job.

I reviewed site analytics, distributed a user survey, created a new information architecture, wireframes, and visual design, as well as, migrated content from Chelsea's Wordpress site to Squarespace.

Old website

Understanding the Users

I began by meeting with Chelsea to understand her goals and her vision for the site. I then gathered some analytics and distributed a user survey to uncover what was most important to her users. From this information, I was able to determine what users most wanted from her site. This helped us prioritize the information on the homepage. It also helped me begin improving the information architecture of the site.

Information Architecture

I regrouped and reorganized the navigation items into fewer categories and worked with Chelsea on combining information to reduce clutter and improve clarity. I then distributed an online card sort in order to test that the categories made sense to users. The results validated our choices and we made only a few minor tweaks.


Competitive Analysis & Wireframes

For the next phase, I conducted a competitive analysis and met with Chelsea again to get a better idea of what she wanted to convey with the new design of her site. I took elements from her competitors' sites that she liked the most and used that along with the updated information architecture to create some low fidelity wireframes (one for the homepage and one for the interior pages). We then chose a theme in her new Squarespace site that worked best with the wireframes and modified this to meet our needs.


Visual Design

Once the layout was complete, we moved into the design phase. I worked with Chelsea to create a new color palette that would reflect her organization's mission and values, her professionalism and her passion for helping children and families practice mindfulness. We used her existing photographs, as well as, a few new ones to populate the new site. I decided not to customize the typography, since Chelsea and I both liked the fonts that were available in her new Squarespace site.

Launch & Outcomes

With the layout and the design decisions complete, I migrated the content from her old Wordpress site into Squarespace. Once the content migration was finished I worked with Chelsea on final edits before doing a soft launch of the new site. After a few days of being live and seeing no issues or further edits to be made, Chelsea announced the new website to her subscribers and supporters.

Chelsea and I met one last time to wrap up and celebrate and to make sure she had everything she needed going forward. She is now set up with Google Analytics, as well as, the analytics provided by Squarespace, so that she can better understand the needs of her users and learn what works for them and what doesn't. She is on a platform that she finds accessible and easy to use. She also has a site that she feels reflects her values and conveys her warm and professional approach to mindfulness.

Redesigned website