A good eye

 Someone asked me recently, "So, working on any projects?"

This completely caught me off guard. I don't typically work on projects. I simply find myself inspired to snap photos and I go do it. A lot of the time, I snap photos wherever I find myself - planned or not.

Starting a "project" feels a little daunting. I tried doing projects in my photography classes in college and I was so shy and inhibited that my photos turned out rigid and stale. I deliberately sabotaged my efforts by shooting in the worst light (midday) and with a broken camera that overexposed every frame. I wanted so badly to express myself, but at the same time I was absolutely terrified of doing so. I still feel this way sometimes.

I've learned, that if I want my photographs to be interesting and express what I'm feeling and seeing in that moment, I have to be fully present and available to them. I can always tell when I'm not. I have to credit Miksang for finally helping me to crack this nut (if I can call learning how to see a nut...okay, sure, why not!). And I have to credit my meditation practice at the Austin Zen Center for giving me the space to gradually open my heart (not an easy thing for me - for most people, I imagine).

I have so much love for this place. So why not share that with you?

I don't talk about my practice a lot, but over the past couple of years it's become such a huge part of my life, not talking about it is kind of difficult. Heck, it is my life.

So, a mini-project of sorts - a little taste of Austin Zen Center.