Awesomeness ahead

In the wee hours of the first morning of 2013, I awoke to the sound of an owl hooting softly outside my window. At the time, I thought, well that's interesting and strange and then rolled back over. Later, I thought, oh, maybe it's an omen! But is it a good omen? Or is it a bad omen? I couldn't remember the symbolism... Are owls messengers of death or of wisdom? And then I thought, oh hell, sometimes an owl is just an owl.

Either way, it's an indication to me that big changes are coming (but then again, life is nothing but change, so this conclusion is hardly insightful. See, I'm onto you, you psychics and palm readers...).

So, to prepare for all this awesomeness ahead, I am dedicating the month of January to photography. And also, because, well, I am taking an online class called Intuitive Lens through Squam Workshops and I want to share all the fun photos I'll be creating.

Oh yes, that's right: fun. I am determined to put the fun back in photography. At some point last year I got way too serious about photography and found that I was no longer enjoying it as much as I used to. Which sucks! I want less suck. Thus, my intention to create more fun. Yay!

Speaking of intentions... instead of resolutions, I like to set intentions for the year ahead. One of my first intentions this year, of course, as you already know, is to create more fun. But I also wish to open my heart just a little bit more, go on many adventures and deepen my meditation practice. Exciting, no?

What are your intentions for the year ahead?

Below: some photos from my holidaze using the VSCO Cam app on my iphone. I'm still getting used to it, but so far I'm really liking it.