Curious in Colorado

The sun beat down on our heads. This was the middle of August in northern Colorado, after all. But despite the heat, the air felt crisp.

"Soon, we'll have to start wearing sweatshirts again."

I couldn't tell if my friend Suzy was excited or reluctant as she said this. Living in Texas, it's hard to imagine wearing a sweatshirt in August or September or sometimes even October.

Still, I can't deny the subtle shift in the seasons. Summer feels like it is coming to a close. A lot is changing.

Which always makes me want to try to preserve my memories in words and photos. So, I'd love to share a few mementos from my trip to Colorado this summer.

On a side note, while I was attending the Buddhist Geeks conference in Boulder I ventured into capturing photos of people. This is scarier than simply taking photos of flowers, so I gave myself permission to simply start a conversation, without lifting my camera. I met some fascinating people this way. One of my favorite photographers, Peter Turnley, does this. His kind attention puts people at ease and his photographs always seem to emanate a sense of respect for the person being photographed. I hope to do this one day too. But in the meantime, I'll keep practicing - with both flowers, curiosity and personal conversation.

Kelsey and Dan, two of the sweetest people on the planet, made me breakfast at the Briar Rose Bed & Breakfast.

A gnome, hiding in a garden by the sidewalk. Boulder, Colorado

Bicycle love. Fort Collins, Colorado

Roses. Boulder, Colorado

Petting zoo. Fort Collins, Colorado

Tiny purple flowers. Boulder, Colorado