Flowers in February & Cake on a Plate

Flowers in February. What an odd and unusual occurrance. But what a great opportunity for me! I got a new lens - a 50mm 1.8, for the curious. I wanted the 1.4, but I just don't have the moolah/bucks/lettuce/what-have-you for that right now (it's about $400. I know. Breaks my heart too...).

So, I had a choice: buy some new clothes or buy a new lens. I hope these jeans don't wear out on me anytime soon...

But look at this! Look at how sharp... Crazy, right?

This one, well, did not turn out so sharp. But I still love it, imperfections and all.

This is not a flower. It is a (large) piece of chocolate cake! I just through threw this in for fun, because, I mean look at it. Does this not make you want to lick the screen? (it was delicious by the way)

Enjoy the flowers, if there are flowers where you are. Enjoy some cake too, if you can get your hands on some...

I'm still on a Lamb kick. I'm not sure how long this will last, but this song is currently stuck in my head: She Walks (video).