Fort Fun!

I fell in love in Fort Collins, Colorado. With a beer. With this beer:

It is the Cocoa Mole Ale from New Belgium Brewing Company. OHMYGOD.

But. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.

Driving to Fort Collins from Boulder, I pulled into the New Belgium Brewing Company five minutes late. I was supposed to be on a tour that my friend Suzy was leading. I rushed in, got my ticket and then found myself standing in front of some closed double doors. I took a deep breath and slid one door open just wide enough for my head to peak through. There in front of me was Suzy - and the entire tour group - looking straight at me.

So much for being discreet.

I stepped into the room and gave Suzy a big hug in front of everyone. I was so happy to see her I didn't care. We laughed and she announced to everyone that I was her friend Robin and we hadn't seen in each other in over six years. Everyone raised a glass and cheered.

The rest of the weekend we caught up, attempted to speak Czech with her husband Marek (I failed miserably) and rode bicycles in the cool morning air before I had to run off to catch a plane.

Saying goodbye, I felt like I hadn't really expressed how much seeing her meant to me, so I ran up to her and squeezed her one last time.

If this is what turning 35 feels like, well then, I'll take it.