Going all the way

My favorite lens is broken. This has been challenging. I'm too stubborn to replace it with the kit lens and I don't want to send it off to be repaired...just yet.

So, I'm using the manual focus. And it's not too bad. I had forgotten what it felt like. It's weird, but it has inspired me to go all the way. All the way manual, that is. Eek!

I'm bracketing like crazy and taking more photos than I normally would. This has resulted in A LOT of bad photos. And just a few really good ones. But I'm okay with that. Even getting one good shot makes everything else worth it. Maybe that sounds nutty. But when you see the shot and you just know - this is it - and it actually comes out? That is magic.

Below - some of my favorite shots from the Labor Day cookout at Austin Zen Center.