The heart speaks

Meditation retreats are fabulous. However, almost everyone is at their happiest when they are over. It was no different this past weekend when a group of us gathered together to meditate and meet with the honorable Tenshin Reb Anderson.

Don't get me wrong. Meditation retreats are not bad. I mean, we sign up for these things. We willingly participate in them. We willingly sit and stare at a wall (or, in my case, someone else's feet), work with our minds and examine the habits and thoughts that bring us suffering. We are fully aware of what we are getting ourselves into (for the most part). We are also fully aware of how intense and exhausting this can be.

So, when a retreat is over, people get excited. The sky seems brighter, people seem shinier, plants look greener and our hearts can feel wide open.

Luckily, I had my camera at the end of this retreat and was able to capture some of the excitement, as well as, some of those lovely wide open hearts and faces.

Like this one of Reb.

My teacher, Kosho.

My silly friend Dwight.

And of course, the whole group (minus me, because I was taking the picture).

No matter who you are, what your beliefs or your situation in life, may you be happy and free of suffering.