Who knew?

Apparently, I've been wearing the wrong sizes for years. Caught in my own habitual thinking, I've resisted wearing clothes that actually fit me. What a shock to realize, I've been going about this all wrong. What a delight to realize, hey, I have a figure.

I am gently teased for my obsession with stripes. They are pretty awesome. But I have to admit, that if I had better fashion sense, I'd probably wear polka dots, paisley (maybe), bright colors, mismatched colors, flowy blouses and strapless dresses. It's actually all a lot of fun. And only a wee bit intimidating.

What a joy to put on a dress and feel - alive. Is it really that dramatic, you ask? Yeah, it kind of is.

I've needed this. A breath of fresh air. To feel alive. To let go of an outdated sense of myself. And to simply wear a dress that fits.

And it's not really about the dress. You get that, right? Sometimes all it takes is a simple thing like trying on a dress to shine a light on my limited beliefs. It makes me wonder, what else do I believe about myself that's not true? Oh, the possibilities...

What I'm listening to right now - Washed Out. Heard this on my drive home and didn't want to stop the car. Simply lovely.