Halfway to the stars

Guess where I'm headed?

Yep! Next week, I'll be geeking out in San Francisco at the NTEN (Nonprofit Technology) Conference. I'm so excited! What's going to happen?! I don't know!!

But the plan is to do some volunteering, attend lots of workshops and, of course, do a little partying (well, hopefully - being an introvert, my energy peters out pretty quickly at parties). I've also got some photo walks planned and 2 packs of polaroid film burning a whole in my pocket. I'm crossing my fingers that these actually turn out...

While I'm away, I'll be taking a short sabbatical from ye old blog here. Which means no posts next week. WEIRD. But it'll be good. 

By the way, I took the photos that you see here back in 2010 with my iphone during my first trip to San Francisco. I later filtered them through a fabulous little app called PictureShow. Extremely fun. I highly recommend it if you love making your photos look like an old Polaroid or if you just enjoy the retro look. 

So. Lovely people. Take care of yourselves out there. And remember, if you can, to savor each moment. I'll see you when I get back.

(Speaking of retro: San Francisco 1958).