There is no need to cling to anything

Arise from sleep, old cat,
   And with great yawns
   And stretchings...
Amble out for love

Naito Joso

I woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Somehow, my cat had extended a sharp claw into the back of my neck. I looked back at the pillow to see her lounging where my head had been and it made me mad. I pushed her away and off the bed.

By morning, she was back at my side, attempting to lick my face, like always. She had no idea what she had done. I sighed and reached out to stroke her chin, my anger gone.

There is a cat, little Melba, at the Austin Zen Center, who loves to sit in the middle of the street. Cars come up to her and wait. Sometimes she moves. Sometimes the cars go around her. Whatever. She doesn't mind. Extend a hand or even kneel to take a picture and she will see you and want to talk. She is not bashful about expressing her desire for affection. I love this about her.