On being grateful (and giddy)

I've been checking the mail obsessively, waiting for this little guy. Each day, I was met with an empty mailbox or simply a mailbox full of unsolicited mailings from all the nonprofits I've worked with (I love you!).

But Friday, I came home and the wait was over. There it was on my doorstep, wrapped up neatly in a little brown box: my new old Polaroid SX-70.

And then today: the film arrived (!).

I can't explain why this makes me so giddy. It just does. It's completely impractical. The film is around $21 a pack. And that's only 8 photos. The camera (which I've affectionately nicknamed Pola) is impeccably designed and engineered, but is clunky and huge compared to today's standards.

But maybe that's why I like it so much. It doesn't have to meet today's standards - it has a standard all its own.

In other news, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and visit with one of my fellow bloggers, Christine Young, this past weekend. I introduced her to Bouldin Creek Cafe, a fabulous vegetarian coffeehouse here in Austin, and we gabbed about photography, social media, art and again, photography. It's nice to be able to talk shop sometimes.

Speaking of... I've up and joined Karen Walrond's Gratitude 2012. I highly recommend it. The idea is to develop a gratitude practice through photography - an idea and practice that resonates deeply with me. And... 40% of the subscription fee is donated to Kiva. How awesome is that? Photography for the greater good. Hell yeah.

While we're on the subject, what are you grateful for? What makes your life beautiful?