Party Animals

What's better than a regular 'ol birthday party? A birthday party at the zoo!

I was recently asked by my friend Jori to take some photographs of her (adorable) daughter's 2nd birthday party at the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that cares for domestic and exotic animals that have been rescued or abandoned by their owners.

While I want to be sensitive to the parents and not share photographs of the kiddos here, I would love to introduce you to a few of the animals I met. Except, that is...for the lions and tigers. Honestly, they give me the willies and I have a very physical reaction to their presence. Namely, fear. So, big cats.

Instead...hungry goats, a sweet llama, roosters, a peacock and a plump little pig.

(And a fun song I've been listening to... Love Is All I Got)