Photography & Politics

Me, February 4, 2007, Falls Church, Virginia, the day I received my Master's Degree of Political Science in the mail.

This political season has me feeling incredibly nostalgic - and a bit fired up. I'm feeling inspired again, which scares me. The last time I felt inspired, I moved myself to DC and ended up getting a degree in Political Science, not anticipating the heartache or the disillusionment that would bring (not to sound too dramatic).

Fall down seven times, get back up eight, my Zen teacher reminded me. Maybe it's time for me to get back up...

In April of next year, I'll be attending my first photography workshop doing documentary photography for nonprofits - in New Orleans (!). I spent weeks deliberating on whether or not I should do it. What if I'm no good, I thought? What if I suck? But then I thought, fuck it. Why not? I love photography and I love working with nonprofits. I will simply do my best.

So, I signed up. And...just in case, registered for two additional photography classes between now and April. As the photographer, Christina Mittermeier says, you should know your camera so well that you are able to shoot with your camera blindfolded.

I'll see how it goes.

(A little inspiration...You Become What You Focus On)